system integration

We specialize in Systems Integration design and implementation, ensuring we build a solution that fits your business needs. Our engineers will work with you to integrate disparate security systems into one centralized management point creating cost and time efficiency. We offer a wide array of integrated products, systems and services creating a productive and cost efficient solution for complex security needs including Access Control, Intrusion, as well as Video Surveillance and Monitoring. The process is a collaborative effort between our team and yours to create a finished seamless product that will enhance your facility security and overall employee safety.

Access Control

We are the experts in building and implementing fully integrated access control systems including online, offline and wireless locking systems. Our access control systems provide multiple features including scheduled door locking and unlocking, multi-facility monitoring, visitor management, ID credentialing, time and attendance and customized event reporting. We provide both new access control systems and we are able to service other access control systems from many vendors. Access control systems give you the utmost control in regards to protection of your assets as well as personnel. With state-of-the-art solutions such as biometric based access control systems and mobile device access, RAE Security solutions will harness the power of technology to protect your people and facility. RAE Security is your one-stop solution for a well-rounded access control plan. We design, install and service your system for you in a way that prioritizes safety and your unique needs, not a cookie-cutter solution. 



Video Surveillance is a valuable security tool when designed appropriately and is not only used to capture events, but can also be a key crime deterrent. We offer Analog, IP-based, Hosted and Video Analytic systems for every possible situation. We will provide you with the cameras and the NVR, DVR or Cloud space required to record the events at your facility. IP and Hosted video surveillance feature a multitude of benefits including live feeds, potential verification of alarms and event capturing for post event analysis.

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We provide a variety of intrusion offerings including window contacts, glass break, motion detection sensors and more. The key to our intrusion systems is design and implementation ensuing every square foot of the facility is covered inside and out. The well being and safety of employees during the day and at night is a critical concern as well as the protection of your premises. Our intrusion systems have multiple control points and event reporting options to fit your needs. We have standard stationary alarm keypads for your facility along with remote access through either desktop browser or mobile phones. Real-time event reporting is peace of mind and a false alarm deterrent as you can review the alarm situation before emergency responders are dispatched if desired.

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Visitor Management is one of the first guardians to your facility and employee safety as it is at the Perimeter of the building security. A simple scan of a driver license, printing of a badge, and your visitors are able to be escorted through the facility with the safety and knowledge that the building is under control. There are multiple options available for visitor management, including basic check-in / check-out systems to more advanced technology that requires UV Ray protected badges and government ID requirements. Regardless of the functionality and features required, the most important component of visitor management is being able to live audit how many people are visiting your facility and who they are, especially in case of an emergency situation and attendance is required at a mustering point.

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