Master key

Master Key is the engineering key combination hierarchy that protects your keying systems, prevents key cross-over and protects against unauthorized duplication of keys. We design, build, store and protect your keying system to prevent future security breaches and provide you with the assurance that your mechanical key system is in safe hands.

  • We use state of the art machinery to produce cores quickly, up to 300 per hour.  No more waiting on the factory for lead times, no more missed deadlines, we will deliver in record timing.   Doesn’t matter if the job is 1 core or 10,000 cores, we are ready for the task
  • 95% of combinated core orders ship within 24 hours of order
  • We eliminate the 10-12 week lead time from the factory, by combinating cores and cutting keys in – house

MASTER KEY process

The Master Key process begins with a detailed review of your facility and security goals. We work with you to determine the type of cores and keys required and the grade of security necessary. The next step is to determine the permissions hierarchy for access to door openings and build out the list of Master, Sub-Master and Individual key owners. Once we have these basic information items, we involve our Master Key Engineers who build a customized keying system designed for your facility. Each master key system is designed specifically for easy expansion and scalability as your business grows.

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